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March 28, 2020 at 5:33 pm

Alumni News | Jamie Robinson Named Adviser for Griffon Gold Project

Fremont Gold Ltd. appointed Ohio University alumnus Jamie Robinson as a technical adviser for the Griffon gold project, located at the southern end of the Cortez Trend, Nevada, according to a news release.

Robinson earned a B.S. in Geology from the College of Arts & Sciences at Ohio University in 1976.

From 1992 to 1997, Mr. Robinson was the exploration manager of Alta Gold Co. (“Alta”), the former operator of the Griffon mine, and is credited with the discovery of the Hammer Ridge deposit at Griffon. More recently, Jamie has provided geological consulting services to several exploration companies working in the same region as Griffon (the White Pine Range), including Contact Gold Corp., who is advancing the Green Springs gold project, and Elko Mining Group, who is advancing the Mt. Hamilton gold project.

“I’m very pleased that Jamie has agreed to serve as a technical advisor for Griffon,” said Blaine Monaghan, CEO of Fremont. “Mr. Robinson brings a huge wealth of knowledge regarding Griffon and the region to Fremont, which will prove invaluable as we finalize our exploration plans. With the addition of Jamie, we have assembled an impressive team, which includes Maury C. Newton, III, Ph.D., Fremont’s V.P. Exploration, and Andy Wallace, Ph.D., a member of Fremont’s advisory board, to create and execute our exploration plan.”

Mr. Robinson is a registered professional geologist in Utah, Idaho, and Arizona. Jamie completed a B.S. in geology at Ohio University, a M.S. in geology at the University of Southern California, and a Ph.D. in geology at Cornell University. In addition, Mr. Robinson has published numerous papers on gold projects in eastern Nevada, including one on the Griffon mine. Past producing gold mines in the White Pine Range include Griffon, Green Springs, Mt. Hamilton, and Illpah. Fiore Gold Ltd.’s Pan mine and Gold Rock project are in the same geologic setting just west of the White Pine Range.

Griffon is a past-producing gold mine located at the southern end of the Cortez Trend, approximately 75 km southwest of Ely, and is accessed via paved highway and Forest Service roads. Mineralization at Griffon is Carlin-type and is comparable to the mineralization found at several deposits at the Kinross Bald Mountain Mine complex, approximately 70 km to the north.

Read the entire news release.

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