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March 25, 2021 at 6:35 pm

NBC News Quotes Houser on Effect of La Niña

Dr. Jana Houser, portrait

Dr. Jana Houser

NBC News quoted Jana Houser extensively in a story headlined “Tornado forecast: La Niña year could bring supercharged season.”

Houser is Assistant Professor of Geography at Ohio University.

“One of the things that La Niña does is it tends to result in a more wavy jet stream,” said Jana Houser, an associate professor of meteorology at Ohio University. “That inherently implies that you have a more active atmosphere, and you also tend to have a larger degree of atmospheric instability when the jet stream is wavy.”

…”People always want something concrete to compare things to, but if you put all the models together, the most accurate estimate is that we probably won’t have quite as severe a La Niña event as we saw in 2011,” she said. “Drought cycles also play a very strong role in governing tornado events, and we have dryer conditions this year than we had in 2011.”

Read more at NBC News.

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