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July 16, 2020 at 11:22 am

Weather Channel Features Houser’s Experience Living in Tornado Alley

Dr. Jana Houser, portrait

Dr. Jana Houser

Dr. Jana Houser, Associate Professor of Geography, was recently interviewed by the Weather Channel in a feature story headlined “A Storm Chaser Shares Her Experience of Living in Tornado Alley.”

In the interview, Houser shares her personal experience of coping with the extreme weather that she has encountered in the course of her research activities in Oklahoma.

Ever since she was 9 years old, Houser had wanted to study meteorology (and be a storm chaser). That’s why she moved to Oklahoma to pursue her PhD and lived there eight years, during which time she regularly went storm chasing to collect data.

For Houser, Tornado Alley was a great place to be a meteorology grad student.

“From a scientific perspective, it was an awesome place to be because I had this great opportunity to drive out of my door and see tornadic storms,” Houser says.

As reported recently in the Washington Post, Houser’s research has contributed to a fundamental rethinking of tornado formation by providing evidence that tornadoes form at the ground and move upward rather than from clouds downward.

OHIO students can gain applied experience in the science of extreme weather through Houser’s summer Storm Chasing Experience program offered through the Office of Global Opportunities.

Read the entire story at the Weather Channel.

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