May 7, 2020 at 10:26 pm

Angel Vergona Awarded Distinguished Professor Scholarship

Angel Vergona, portrait

Angel Vergona

Ohio University student Angel Vergona was awarded a Distinguished Professor Scholarship by Dr. Susan Burgess, Distinguished Professor of Political Science.

“As a Distinguished Professor, I have the honor of awarding a full scholarship to an outstanding student each year,” Burgess says. “This is because of a gift that Edwin and Ruth Kennedy made to OU back in 1958. I have chosen Angel Vergona to receive the award this year.

“Angel is a superior student majoring in Political Science and seeking a Certificate in Law, Culture & Justice. She has a keen interest in social justice and is first generation to the university. I am pleased to be able to able to name her as this year’s awardee,” Burgess continued.

Vergona is also pursuing a minor in Sociology and a certificate Diversity Studies. She serves as the New Member Liaison for Phi Alpha Delta and co-founded the Political Science Majors Association, which fell off of Ohio University’s campus and wasn’t brought back until this past year.

“After graduating in spring 2021, I’m planning to attend law school. I hope to be a civil rights attorney, but my end goal is to be elected to Congress,” Vergona said of her future plans.

Vergona first met Burgess within the Center for Law, Justice & Culture’s seminar course, which features rotating faculty affiliates who teach the course.

Susan Burgess, formal portrait

Dr. Susan Burgess

“Dr. Burgess has had an enormous impact on me. She is such an energetic, positive and inspiring mentor to be around who never passes up a chance to encourage her students,” Vergona said. “She challenged me to think critically and creatively about the material she was presenting us with and challenge our own viewpoints as well as others. It was the first class I’ve taken that made me change my mind about something.

“She encouraged me to pursue whatever I wanted and made sure I knew I was capable of doing so, and still does. It was the first time a professor had altered my perception of myself in such a positive way, and I will carry that with me forever,” Vergona said.

“I am so grateful and honored to be given this scholarship. It means the world to me to be selected among so many of my incredibly intelligent and accomplished peers. I am so thankful for Dr. Burgess and all of the amazing faculty in the Political Science Department who have cultivated my passion for political science and social justice and inspired me to pursue a path to create positive change in the world around me.”

About the Distinguished Professor Award

Each year, Ohio University selects a Distinguished Professor to recognize outstanding scholarly and creative accomplishments. It is the highest award given to Ohio University faculty. In 2018, Burgess was honored with the award.

Among the privileges granted to Distinguished Professors is the honor of annually naming an undergraduate student to receive a year’s full-tuition scholarship, lifetime designation title of Distinguished Professor, a one-quarter paid research leave, stipend, and travel support.

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