April 26, 2020 at 11:44 am

Noah Barr Named Sociology Outstanding Graduating Senior

Noah Barr poses for a picture at the Jefferson Monument in Washington, D.C.

Noah Barr poses for a picture at the Jefferson Monument in Washington, D.C.

Ohio University student Noah Barr was named the Sociology Outstanding Graduating Senior by the Sociology & Anthropology Department.

Barr majored in Sociology in the Honors Tutorial College.

He worked for Dr. Nancy Tatarek, Associate Professor of Anthropology, for three years on a project with historical prison data. “Noah presented the results of the project at the Social Science History Association meeting last November, where it was very well received. Noah is great to work with and has good teamwork and great attitude,” she says.

“Noah’s passion for sociological and criminological topics is contagious!” adds Dr. Holly Ningard, Assistant Professor of Instruction in Sociology. “I always enjoyed his comments and questions in class, as they were able to move class discussion beyond a surface level understanding of the readings. Beyond the classroom, Noah has worked hard to apply what he has learned through his degree in order to advance his career, for example by earning a competitive internship with the FBI. Noah is a compassionate student who will undoubtedly do great things with his degree.”

Dr. Thomas Vander Ven, Professor of Sociology, directed Barr’s thesis.

“Noah has a tireless work ethic and boundless intellectual curiosity,” says Vander Ven. “His thesis—an estimate of multiple homicide trends in America—employed a sophisticated and painstaking methodological analysis. It was a pleasure to work with him on this project. Noah has a bright future as a student of crime.”

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