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March 25, 2020 at 2:05 pm

Dispatch Quotes Elliott-Dorans on Moving Courses Online

Lauren Elliott-Dorans, portrait

Dr. Lauren Elliott-Dorans

The Columbus Dispatch interviewed Lauren Elliott-Dorans for a story headlined “Coronavirus: College courses move online, challenging Ohio’s professors, students.”

Dr. Elliott-Dorans is Assistant Professor of Instruction in Political Science at Ohio University. She is also the recipient of the Provost Award for Excellence in Teaching for 2019-22.  Dr. Elliott-Dorans is currently teaching a large introductory class, POLS 1010 Politics in the United States, and POLS 4065/5065 Public Opinion, Political Participation, and Protest.  Nukhet Sandal, Chair of the Political Science Department, said that she is not surprised that Dr. Elliott-Dorans is being quoted by news outlets. “Lauren has amazing pedagogical insights and expertise that not only benefit our students, but our colleagues during these difficult times”, Sandal noted.

In her interview, “A lot of the time, honestly, went into figuring out what’s the most equitable way to deal with this,” said Lauren Elliott-Dorans. She added that she made a number of adjustments in her courses. “Otherwise, my fear is that what we’re really measuring here is students’ access to the internet, and being childless, and not having to care for a sick relative, and not getting sick,” Dr. Elliott-Dorans said.

In Fall 2020, Dr. Elliott-Dorans will teach POLS 4901/5901 Religion in American Politics in addition to POLS 1010 Politics in the United States.

Read the story in the Dispatch.

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