January 21, 2020 at 3:14 pm

OHIO Geologists attend the AGU Fall Meeting

Katherine Fornash, portrait

Dr. Katherine Fornash

Faculty and students from the Ohio University Geological Sciences Department traveled to San Francisco to share their science and learn about the latest developments in petrology, geochemistry and hydrogeology at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting Dec. 9-13.

Katherine F. Fornash and Donna L. Witney. Petrogenesis and Significance of Lawsonite-bearing Hybrid Rocks, Tavsanli Zone, NW Turkey.

Patricia Kang, Donna L Whitney, Laure Martin, Alberto Vitale Brovarone, Edward D Ghent, and Katherine F Fornash. Lawsonite oxygen isotope and trace element records of subduction fluids.

Dr. Dina López in her office in Clippinger Labs

Dr. Dina López

Andreana Madrera-MartorellDina L. López, Natalie A. Kruse, Jennifer R. Bowman, Nora M. Sullivan. Modeling the thermal gradient and water level of an abandoned underground coal mine AS-029 for its potential as a geothermal reservoir, Athens, OH.


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