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October 7, 2019 at 3:12 pm

OHIO Geologists Share Their Science at GSA Annual Meeting

Geological Sciences students and alumni attending the GSA annual meeting in Phoenix

Six students and three faculty from the Geological Sciences Department traveled to Phoenix, AZ, to share and learn about the latest developments in geochemistry, geomorphology, paleontology, and gender dynamics in geology at the Geological Society of America annual meeting Sept. 21-25.

Current department members presented five oral presentations (two of which were invited) and four poster presentations. Department members also chaired three technical sessions, participated in short courses, lead society council meetings, and engaged with departmental alumni and collaborators.

Titles of Presentations and Links to Abstracts

Lydia Albright gestures to her research poster pinned to a board while talking with an alum

Lydia Albright explains her poster to Geological Sciences alum Wayne Perkins, M.S. ’11

Lydia Albright and Gregory Springer. Hydraulic modeling of floods in open conduit karst environments. Poster presentation.

Sebastian Barkett talks with a conference goer in front of his research poster

Sebastian Barkett explains his research during the poster session

Sebastian Barkett and Dina L. López. Physical and chemical parameters determining bacterial growth of acid mine drainage sites in southeast Ohio. Poster presentation.

Shaolin M. Censullo and Alycia L. Stigall. Did alternating dispersal and vicariance drive biodiversity increase during the Great Ordovician Biodiversification Event? A phylogenetic test using brachiopods. Oral presentation.

Pheobe Cohen, Alycia L. Stigall, Chad M. Topaz. A gender analysis of the Paleontological Society: trends, gaps, and a way forward. Poster presentation.

Ian J. Forsythe and Alycia L. Stigall. Delineating species of Rafinesquina in the Type Cincinnatian (Ordovician): geometric and multivariate morphometric approaches. Oral presentation.

Dina L. López, Abiodun E. Ayo-Bali, M.S.’19, Maruicio Vasquez Jandres, Benacio Henriques Miranda. Heavy metals and arsenic contamination in La Barra De Santiago Estuary, El Salvador. Oral Presentation.

Andreana Madrera-Martorell, Dina L. López, Natalie A. Kruse, Jennifer R. Bowman, Nora M. Sullivan. Hydrological and thermal study of an abandoned underground coal mine AS-029 as a reservoir for ground source heat pumps, Athens, OH. Poster Presentation.

Ian Forsythe, Dr. Alycia Stigall, and Shaolin Censullo celebrate after completing their presentations

Ian Forsythe, Dr. Alycia Stigall, and Shaolin Censullo celebrate after completing their presentations

Alycia L. Stigall. The invasion hierarchy: quantifying ecological and evolutionary consequences of invasions in the fossil record. Invited oral presentation.

Alycia L. Stigall, Rebecca L. Freeman, Cole Edwards, Christian Mac Ørum Rasmussen. Coordinated biotic and abiotic change during the Great Ordovician Biodiversification Event: Darriwilian assembly of early Paleozoic building blocks.  Invited Oral presentation.

a group of four students surrounded by cacti in front of a sign indicating the Sonoran Desert

Geological Sciences students explore the geology (and plants) of the Sonoran Desert


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