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December 17, 2019 at 6:02 pm

Career Corner | Quitslund on ‘5 Reasons English Majors Land the Job’

Dr. Beth Quitslund, portrait

Dr. Beth Quitslund

Dr. Beth Quitslund was interviewed by Peterson’s for a story headlined “5 Reasons English Majors Land the Job.”

Quitlund is a faculty fellow and Professor of English at Ohio University.

“English majors are good at much more than just reading and writing. They’re also masters of critical thinking, creativity, and problem solving — which are all skills employers find desirable. We spoke with Beth Quitslund, Ohio University professor, to help round out  the top five reasons English majors land the job,” writes Peterson’s Jaclyn Walsh.

“Being an English major usually means you will have sets of skills that are flexible, and that will make you valuable to any employer. You will meet English majors in virtually any career path,” Quitslund told Walsh.

Read more at Peterson’s about these five reasons:

  1. They’re versatile.
  2. They understand context.
  3. They don’t (always) skim.
  4. They’re storytellers.
  5. They think critically.



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