December 3, 2019 at 1:14 pm

4 Plant Biology Graduate Students Earn $1,000 Research Grants from Arts & Sciences

Four Ohio University graduate students from the Environmental & Plant Biology Department received $1,000 grants from the College of Arts & Sciences Fall 2019 Graduate Student Research Fund. One of the students also is associated with the Molecular and Cellular Biology program and the Nanoscale Quantum Phenomena Institute (NQPI).

Anne Sternberger, portrait

Anne Sternberger from Dr. Wyatt and Dr. Ballard’s Lab

Anne Sternberger, working with Dr. Sarah Wyatt and Dr. Harvey Ballard, received a grant for the project “Gene expression analysis of genes implicated in chasmogamous and cleistogamous flowering of Viola pubescens.”

Allison Paolucci, portrait

Allison Paolucci from Dr. Rosenthal’s Lab

Allison Paolucci, a student in Dr. David Rosenthal’s lab, received a grant for a project on “Examining sugar concentration and sugar movement of deciduous tree seedlings under drought.”

Brett Fredericksen, portrait

Brett Fredericksen from Dr. Rosenthal’s Lab

Also from Rosenthal’s lab, Brett Fredericksen received a grant for a project titled “Effects of elevated atmospheric CO2 on the disease resistance of blight resistant American chestnut hybrids at two levels of pathogenicity.”

Oyeyemi Ajayi portrait

Oyeyemi Ajayi from Dr. Showalter’s Lab

Oyeyemi Ajayi, from Dr. Allan Showalter’s lab, received a grant for a project titled “Biochemical analysis of genetic mutants for three enzymes involved in the transfer of glucuronic acid to arabinogalactan-proteins in Arabidopsis.”

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