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October 27, 2019 at 3:16 pm

Vander Ven Quoted on Problems on Columbus’ Sullivant Avenue

Tom Vander Ven sitting on sofa, arm along the back, smiling

Dr. Thomas Vander Ven

Dr. Thomas Vander Ven, Professor of Sociology at Ohio University, was quoted in a Columbus Dispatch article headlined “Longtime Sullivant Avenue residents determined to stay on street they call home.”

Experts say the diminishing number of longtime residents can have a detrimental effect on areas like Sullivant Avenue.

“When you have a lot of transients, you have a low level of commitment from residents to fight crime,” said Thomas Vander Ven, professor of sociology at Ohio University’s Center for Law, Justice and Culture. “These abandoned buildings become criminal warehouses of a sort; prostitution and drug commerce are going to be operating out of these.”

Read more in the Columbus Dispatch.

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