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Alumni News | Rosselot Enjoys Career in Law Enforcement and Corporate Security

Jason Rosselot, portrait

Jason Rosselot

“My four years at Ohio University were wonderful, one of the most enjoyable periods of my life,” says Jason Rosselot ’96. “Most importantly though, they prepared me for a diverse, enriching career in law enforcement and security.”

He graduated with a major in Sociology-Criminology and a minor in Psychology from the College of Arts & Sciences at Ohio University.

Deputy Chief Security Officer for DT Services

Rosselot currently serves as Deputy Chief Security Officer for the DT Services business of Dell Technologies, known by most as just Dell. The DT Services business is a $14 billion piece of the company responsible for all technology deployment, support and managed services for all Dell EMC products. It’s a huge global business that faces varied and growing risks which he and his team manage.

“Think of it this way,” he says, “if you’re computer says Dell on it, and you call tech support, that’s us.”

If DT Services were a standalone business, they would be in the Fortune 200, which gives one an idea of the size and scale of this business. Being active in over 160 countries with a global service parts supply chain, tech support call centers, customer facing data centers and more, they have to track and proactively react to developing geopolitical risks. The security program at Dell is holistic. They manage all security risks: cybersecurity, physical, product, supply chain, and enterprise resiliency.

“It’s one of the things that attracted me to the role,” Rosselot says. “It’s a lot to manage but the diversity keeps it fun. The diverse, multi-cultural atmosphere at Ohio University helped prepare me to work cross-culturally with my global team.”

Prior to Dell, Rosselot worked at a few other large, multinational corporations, and enjoyed every one of them. He says that corporate security, as it is often called, is a great career for a sociology-criminology major to go into. He explains that understanding the human element in crime and related activity provides an insight into individuals that would target the company and its people, information, reputation, and other resources.

He was a sociology-criminology major when he met a neighbor who worked in corporate security at Procter and Gamble in Cincinnati. That is how he found his way into the private sector but still in security after his time in the Diplomatic Security Service.

Jason Rosselot in Islamabad

Diplomatic Security Service

Early in his career Rosselot was a Special Agent with the U.S. Department of State, Diplomatic Security Service (DSS). DSS is a federal agency that provides security and law enforcement for the foreign affairs of the United States. Whether investigating criminal fraud of U.S. passports or visas, protecting world leaders and the Secretary of State, or providing security at a U.S. embassy overseas, the 2000-plus agents of DSS help make the world safe for democracy, he says.

Jason Rosselot with the Dalai Lama

Jason Rosselot with the Dalai Lama

His OHIO Experience

Once again Ohio University played a big role in Rosselot’s career. The first was hearing an alumni that was hosted as a speaker by the Sociology Criminology/Pre-Law Club. He eventually obtained an internship with the U.S. Department of Justice from that relationship.  The second opportunity came from another alumnus who interned with Rosselot at the Southeast Counties of Ohio narcotics task force in Athens and eventually went out to Washington, D.C., and a career in federal law enforcement. Both of these contacts were important to him during his career.

Rosselot shares that he never imagined the path that his life would take when he was growing up in a suburb outside of Cincinnati. He has performed law enforcement and security work in over 30 countries. From protecting Madeline Albright in the Gaza Strip, to running an undercover operation in Prague, Czech Republic, to keeping company employees safe from kidnapping in the tribal areas of Pakistan.

“A career that started as sociology-criminology major from Ohio University has taken me around the world and has been truly mind-blowing.  Go Bobcats!”

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