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July 5, 2019 at 10:47 am

Alumni News | Dispatch Features Marchbanks’ Passion for Jazz, Radio

Jack Marchbanks, portrait

Jack Marchbanks

The Columbus Dispatch writes about Ohio University alum Jack Marchbanks in a feature article headlined “ODOT director Jack Marchbanks’ knowledge, passion drive jazz radio program.”

Marchbanks, who earned a Ph.D. in History (with a Certificate in Contemporary History) in 2018 from the College of Arts & Sciences, was named the Director of the Ohio Department of Transportation in January.

The back wall of Jack Marchbanks’ rectangular office is mostly bare, aside from a poster of blues great B.B. King and a smaller concert poster with a young Stevie Wonder smiling wide.

An adjacent wall, the one above his desk, holds an enormous photograph of snowplows burrowing their way through an Ohio road.

Marchbanks is the corner crease between the two, nimbly finding intersections between his new job as the director of the Ohio Department of Transportation and his longtime role co-hosting Jazz Sunday, a weekly, three-hour radio program on WCBE (90.5 FM)…

Read more in the Dispatch.

Learn more about Marchbanks’ doctoral dissertation, “Pride and Protest in Letters and Song: Jazz Artists and Writers during the Civil rights Movement, 1955-1965.”

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