April 5, 2019 at 12:29 pm

Carlitz Lands Internship with Adobe Design’s Research and Strategy Team

Adam Carlitz, portrait

Adam Carlitz

Psychology graduate student Adam Carlitz has accepted a summer internship conducting product research as a member of Adobe Design’s Research and Strategy Team in San Francisco.

Carlitz’ advisers are Dr. Kimberly Rios and Dr. Ronaldo Vigo.

The internship a 12-week summer internship at Adobe’s San Francisco location.

“I’ll be working with other product researchers, designers, and managers to help Adobe better understand, and improve, their users’ experience with Adobe products,” he said. “More specifically, I’ll be designing and implementing research projects toward understanding how to improve things like user acquisition and retention for Adobe’s software products. In other words, I’ll be conducting research and analyzing data to address the very broad question, ‘What changes should Adobe make to their existing software products so as to increase the likelihood that people will purchase and (continue to) use these products?'”

Carlitz is in the Experimental Cognitive Psychology at Ohio University.

“I’m a social and cognitive psychology researcher. Here at Ohio University, a lot of my research involves understanding how people process information, form attitudes, and make decisions. I hope that my understanding of these psychological processes will help me develop research ideas for how to improve users’ experience with Adobe products and, subsequently, increase user retention,” he said

“I’m super excited about this opportunity! Adobe is an amazing company with amazing products! I’m sure I’ll gain a ton of experience and learn new skills I can put toward a career in user experience after I earn my doctorate from OU.”

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