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February 3, 2019 at 12:22 pm

Story Quotes France on Why Americans Are Afraid to Donate Blood

Christopher France, portrait in office

Dr. Christopher France

A syndicated story by Townnews.com quotes Dr. Christopher R. France, Distinguished Professor of Psychology at Ohio University, on “Why are Americans afraid to donate blood.”

When it comes to blood, the general consensus is that it should be inside your body, not out.

With blood bank shortages throughout the nation, Dr. Christopher France with Ohio University recently issued a survey to see what was driving people away from giving a relatively harmless, but life-saving donation.

“We did some research with over 1,000 Americans–we interviewed them, online, asking them about their experience with blood donation and what things they are concerned about,” said France, whose research found a uprising major cause for discomfort. “There’s a pretty high proportion of people who were actually concerned about the possibility of feeling faint or actually fainting.”

Read more in the Courier Express.

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