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February 7, 2019 at 2:10 pm

France Appears on Top of Mind with Julie Rose Show

Christopher France, portrait in office

Dr. Christopher France

Dr. Christopher R. France, Distinguished Professor of Psychology at Ohio University, appeared Jan. 22 as a guest on the show “Top of Mind with Julie Rose” on byuradio. The episode covered “Shutdown Politics, Fear of Blood, Face Exercises.”

Up until quite recently, I refused to donate blood. I did it once or twice in college and nearly fainted both times. So I spent the next 20 years convinced I just couldn’t donate. But it turns out I can give blood, if I master the panic that rises in my gut when the needle goes into my arm and I see my own blood start flowing out. I’ve donated successfully a few times recently – so I know it’s possible. Fainting – or feeling faint – is the most common negative side effect of donating blood, but it’s actually very very rare. Yet, many of us think it’s common, and it’s a reason people steer clear of donating,” says Rose as the episode begins.

Listen to the interview.

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