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December 3, 2018 at 8:41 am

New Political Quotes Moran on House Bills, SNAP and Food Access

Dr. Theresa Moran, portrait

Dr. Theresa Moran

The New Political Quotes Dr. Theresa Moran, Assistant Professor & Food Studies Theme Director, in a story headlined “These two Ohio House bills could affect Ohioans’ access to food stamps.”

Theresa Moran, a food justice professor at Ohio University, is strongly against both bills.

“I am dumbfounded because I can’t seem to understand the rationale behind this bill since the number of fraud cases are so low,” Moran said.

“We don’t have a strong job market here,” Moran said. “In light of that, there was a request by Athens County to waive that requirement in order to get food to people who needed the food.”

Read more in the New Political.

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