October 29, 2018 at 9:32 am

Students Studying Japanese Take Advantage of Corporate, Exchange Opportunities

Jack Clancy and Dr. Christopher Thompson sharing opportunities in Japan with students, shown here in posed class shot, sitting in desks.

Jack Clancy and Dr. Christopher Thompson sharing opportunities in Japan with students.

Fellowships, corporate experience and study abroad are among the exciting opportunities are available for students studying in the Japanese program in the Ohio University Linguistics Department.

“I can honestly say the Ohio University Japanese program provided all of the skills needed to enter a niche career market and be seen as a necessary resource for numerous Japanese companies,” said Jack Clancy, an alumnus who graduated in International Business in 2014.

“Thanks to the Chubu Study Abroad Program, T-CEP, and the Ohnishi Fellowship, I am on my way to start my career at a leading pharmaceutical firm here in Japan. I highly recommend the OUJP for any student who is looking for a highly competitive edge in today’s challenging job market.”

In Spring 2019, the program is offering Japanese language courses at elementary, intermediate and advanced levels to suit the needs of learners of different levels and backgrounds. In addition, following opportunities are available to students studying Japanese.

Ohnishi Graduate Fellowship is an excellent award for those having proficiency in Japanese. It is open to students enrolled in one semester of intensive Japanese followed by two years of graduate study. Applicants who have passed the Japanese Language Proficiency Test at the advanced level are given preference for the Fellowship.

Japanese Language Proficiency Test Challenge Award is open to students enrolled in Intermediate Japanese I and above courses. Awardees are selected by Japanese faculty based on their academic performance.

Japanese Language Proficiency Test Success Prize is awarded to successful test-takers in Intermediate Japanese II and above courses, who have passed any level of JLPT (advanced through basic level).

Trancy Corporate Experience Program (T-CEP) in Yokkaichi, Mie Prefecture is an eight-week summer program. Students selected for the program will avail themselves of on-site working experience in a global logistics company. To be eligible, they must be enrolled in or have completed the Advanced Japanese II course.

Chubu Yamada Study Abroad Program offers intensive study of language and culture at Chubu University in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture. Students on the program also have the chance to take regular academic courses taught in Japanese.

Chubu Exchange Program offers another opportunity of intensive study of language and culture at Chubu University. Either two students are selected for one semester (fall) or one student for two semesters (fall and spring).

Another similar opportunity is offered by Hokuriku Study Abroad Program. It is a four-week summer program of intensive study of language and culture at Hokuriku University in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture.

Group shot of Jack Clancy with Japanese Foreign Language Instructors.

Jack Clancy with Japanese foreign language instructors.

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