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April 6, 2018 at 12:16 pm

Japanese Courses Led Clancy to Internship, Grad School, Career

Jack Clancy with his Japanese instructors, from left: Hiro Oshita, Ayako Deguchi, Jack Clancy, Joung Hee Krzic, and Chris Thompson

Jack Clancy with his Japanese instructors, from left: Hiro Oshita, Ayako Deguchi, Jack Clancy, Joung Hee Krzic, and Chris Thompson

Foreign languages always interested Jack Clancy ’14. But little did he know that his passion for the Japanese language and culture would reshape his entire career path.

As an International Business major, Clancy knew that he wanted to become fluent in a second language. He chose to study Japanese in Linguistics Department.

Clancy started by enrolling in an entry-level Japanese 1110 class during his sophomore year. He grew to appreciate the beauty and logic of the Japanese language.

Beyond his formal coursework, he actively participated in Japanese conversation hours, where he was able to speak with Japanese native speakers in Japanese – peers from Chubu University in Japan, who were studying abroad at Ohio University to learn English. Clancy found this interaction particularly helpful in improving his Japanese vocabulary and grammar.

Internship at Japanese Company

The following year, Clancy decided to take advantage of the Yamada Kazuo Study Abroad Program at Chubu University (OHIO’s sister institution in Kasugai, Aichi, Japan). There he had the opportunity to engage in an intensive study of the Japanese language and culture full-time. His skills improved so much that year that by the following summer, he was able to qualify for internship experience in a Japanese global company in Mie Prefecture nearby.

As an intern in the Trancy Corporate Experience Program (T-CEP), offered through the Japanese Program back at OHIO, Clancy saw his business training and interest in Japanese language and culture came together in a way that prepared him for the Japanese workforce. OHIO’s Japanese language courses, the study abroad program at Chubu, and the T-CEP internship program not only helped to fulfill the second language requirement for his degree in the College of Business, but also provided a unique series of immersion experiences in Japan in which he thrived.

Next Stops: Graduate School, Job

In March of 2018, Clancy completed a graduate degree in Management Information Sciences at Chubu University in Japanese. He readily admits that writing his graduation thesis entirely in Japanese was not something he could have done, if not for the opportunities and mentorship he received at OHIO an Chubu—and the opportunities and encouragement provided for him by his mentors at OHIO and Chubu.

Clancy’s Chubu degree and Japanese skills even led to a job. On April 1, Clancy began working for a leading Japanese pharmaceutical company.

“I can honestly say that the OHIO Japanese language program provided all of the skills and opportunities needed to enter a niche career market and be seen as a necessary resource for numerous Japanese companies operating today,” says Clancy. “I strongly recommend this program for any student who is looking for a highly competitive edge in today’s challenging job market.”

Jack Clancy (front row, right) speaks to Chris Thompson's Business Japanese Class

Jack Clancy (front row, right) speaks to Chris Thompson’s Business Japanese Class

Clancy enjoys challenging himself culturally and linguistically on an everyday basis.

“Studying in Japan has afforded me the opportunity of facing small challenges every day; sometimes, it can be as simple as making a complicated order at my local cafe,” he says. As Clancy interacts with Japanese teachers and friends in daily conversations, his appreciation for the language and culture grows even more.

On a trip sponsored by Chubu University in early March, Clancy visited the Japanese language program in the Linguistics Department at OHIO to talk about his experience with students taking first-, second-, third- and fourth-year Japanese courses.

His presentations encouraged students studying Japanese at OHIO to take advantage of the many opportunities provided through the program.

“I am excited about my future in Japan, and also the future of all students who take advantage of the great opportunities available through the Japanese language program at OHIO.”

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