October 29, 2018 at 3:32 pm

Food Studies Showcases Theme, Farm at Meet Your Farmers Market

Students, Joy Kostansek and Rachel McDonald, stand and pose for a photo behind the Food Studies table.

Food Studies students Joy Jostansek and Rachel McDonald pose for a photo at the Food Studies table during the Meet Your Farmers Market.

Students from the Food Studies theme joined Ohio University’s Office of Sustainability, Culinary Services and Restaurant, Hotel, and Tourism students and faculty, along with local organizations, Community Food Initiatives, Rural Action, and the Athens Farmers Market on Oct. 26 at the Meet Your Farmers Market, part of the Sustainable Food Series.

The event served to connect OHIO students, faculty, and staff with the local food community through conversation, resources, and of course, samples of delicious local food. Restaurant, Hotel, and Tourism students participated in a pumpkin carving competition, using local pumpkins, celebrating the season and the start of Halloween weekend.

Food Studies’ students Rachel McDonald and Joy Kostansek represented the Food Studies theme and the OHIO Student Farm at the event. The Food Studies table displayed a variety of student-grown produce and photos from the farm. McDonald and Kostansek answered questions and conversed with visitors about Food Studies and the OHIO Student Farm, as well as sharing resources and info sheets. This was a great opportunity for more people to discover Food Studies, and learn the important role the OHIO Student Farm has at Ohio University.

The Meet Your Farmers Market was a great afternoon, bringing together different groups, and celebrating local food here in Athens.

Food studies graphic, with outlines of eggplant, tomato, corn, etc.

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