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September 6, 2018 at 2:35 pm

WOUB Interviews David Crane on ‘Trump Treats Diplomacy, Intelligence Like Reality TV’

David Crane, portrait

David Crane

Ohio University alumnus David Crane was featured in a WOUB Spectrum interview headlined “Trump Treats Diplomacy and ‘Intelligence’ Like Reality TV: Says Security Expert.”

Crane is one of the most recognized international criminal lawyers in the world. The Ohio University alumnus earned a bachelor’s degree in History in 1972 and a master’s in African Studies in 1973. He was presented an Honorary Doctorate of Letters Degree at the OHIO  Graduate Commencement in 2017. He earned a Juris Doctor from Syracuse University in 1980.

Crane says that Trump ignores or refuses to hear security briefings and he goes into major foreign policy events (like the meetings with Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un) grossly unprepared.
In fact, Crane says Trump treats the meetings more like “reality television” instead of diplomatic summits.

As a result of the President’s negative views on “intelligence,” Crane paints a rather dismal picture of where the United States is in world politics. According to Crane, America is withdrawing from the world stage and relinquishing its role as a world power.

Read more and listen to the podcast.

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