August 12, 2018 at 3:50 pm

Seven Class of 2018 Math Students Earn Ph.D.s

Montage of seven graduating math Ph.D. students

Seven doctoral candidates successfully defended their dissertations and graduated from the Mathematics Ph.D. program in 2018.

“We’re very proud of these new Ph.Ds. They represent the largest graduating class of Ph.D. students in several decades, and they have distinguished themselves in their research and service to the department,” says Dr. Todd Eisworth, Associate Professor of Chair of Mathematics at Ohio University.

Lanre Akinyemi , portrait

Lanre Akinyemi

Lanre Akinyemi’s dissertation was titled “The Interface Dynamics in the Hele-Shaw Cell.” His adviser was Dr. Tatiana Savin.

Daniel Bossaller, portrait

Daniel Bossaller

Daniel Bossaller’s dissertation was titled “Leavitt Path Algebras Having Bases Consisting Solely of Strongly Regular Elements.” His adviser was Dr. Sergio Lopez-Permouth.

Headshot photo taken outdoors

Erik Hieta-aho

Erik Hieta-Aho’s dissertation was titled “Error Correcting Codes in a Frobenius Algebra Ambient.” His adviser was Lopez-Permouth.

Zhijian Li, portrait

Zhijian Li

Zhijian Li’s dissertation was titled “On applications of semiparametric methods.” His adviser was Dr. Wei Lin.

Nathaniel McClatchey, portrait

Nathaniel McClatchey

Nathaniel McClatchey’s dissertation was titled “Tensors: an Adaptive Approximation Algorithm, Convergence in Direction, and Connectedness Properties.” His adviser was Dr. Martin Mohlenkamp.

Javier Ronquillo-Rivera, portrait

Javier Ronquillo-Rivera

Javier Ronquillo-Rivera’s dissertation was titled “Extremely amenable groups and Banach representations.” His adviser was Dr. Vladimir Uspenskiy.

Ying Xin, portrait

Ying Xin

Ying Xin’s dissertation was titled “Complex Dynamical Systems: Definitions of Entropy, Proliferation of Epithelia and Spread of Infections and Information.” Her adviser was Dr. Winfried Just.


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