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July 30, 2018 at 5:49 pm

Dantas Publishes Two Book Chapters

Dr. Mariana Dantas, portrait

Dr. Mariana Dantas

Dr. Mariana Dantas, Associate Professor of History, recently contributed to two edited volumes based on her ongoing research.

“Historical Approaches to Researching the Global Urban,” in Doing Global Urban Research, edited by John Harrison and Michael Hoyler (London: Sage, 2018), 211-224. (Co-authored with Emma Hart)

This chapter considers the challenges, the payoff, and possible methodological approaches to global urban history. It invite historians of the city, and historians of global history to move beyond narrating the trajectory of urban places or situating global processes in urban locations. Through research collaboration and a more readily exchange of ideas and findings, it argue, historians of the global urban can elucidate the ways in which cities have been the product and the promoters of global connections, and thus key to understanding historical consistencies over time and space.

“An African Woman Petitions Her and Her Daughters’ Freedom in a Colonial Brazilian Mining Town, 1767-1775,” in Women in Colonial Latin America, 1500-1823: Texts and Contexts, edited by Nora Jaffary and Jane Mangan (Indianapolis: Hackett Publishing Company, 2018), 165-179.

In this contribution to a new document reader about women in colonial Latin America, Dantas introduces us to Rita de Souza Lobo, a freed African woman who faced re-enslavement by the son of her white lover after he claimed her and her daughters as his father’s enslaved property. The chapter transcribes and translates the legal proceedings that secured Rita and her daughters’ freedom, while Dantas’s introduction calls attention to the precarious freedom black women enjoyed in colonial Brazil and their struggle to defend it.

For more on her research and teaching, visit her History Department profile.

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