May 25, 2018 at 3:32 pm

Geography Awards and Recognition, 2017-18

The Geography Department presented its awards and recognition for 2017-18 at Geofest.

Study Away Scholarships

  • Connor Belak, Meteorology
  • Emily Mullins, Geography

Elizabeth Llewellyn Robe Scholarship

  • Brandon Humphrey, Urban Planning and Sustainability

Olive Emler Ross Scholarship

  • Kyle Bussard, Geographic Information Science (GISc)
  • Lauren Bennett, Environmental Geography
  • Sonya Ferrier, Environmental Geography
  • Jessica Oswald, Environmental Pre-law
  • Alexandra Koran, Globalization & Development

Joe Ferguson Memorial  Scholarship

  • Connor Belak, Meteorology

Hubert and Constance Wilhelm Scholarship

  • Katie Gardner, Geography

Regina L. Bloemer Scholarship

  • Christian Slee, Geographic Information Science (GISc)

Hugh Bloemer Memorial Scholarship

  • Ryan Shearer, Geographic Information Science (GISc)

Bloemer Geography Scholarship

  • Anna DeGarmo, Environmental Pre-law
  • Emily Mullins, Geography
  • Susie Beveridge, Geography

Outstanding Undergraduate Scalia Scholar

  • Kevin Thiel, Meteorology

David Keirns Public Service Award in Meteorology

  • Logan Clark, Geography

Outstanding Graduating Seniors

  • Jacob Pullar, Environmental Pre-law
  • Alec Prosser, Meteorology
  • Kevin Theil, Meteorology
  • Timothy Sayre, Environmental Geography
  • Duncan Bauer, Urban Planning and Sustainability
  • Michael Garberoglio, Meteorology

Outstanding Graduate Scalia Scholar

  • Ian Bailey, Geography

Outstanding Graduate Scholar

  • Jarrod Knauff, Geography

Outstanding Graduate Student Service

  • Olivia Moeller, Geography

Outstanding Teaching Assistant (Geography)

  • Jacob Taylor, Geography

Outstanding Teaching Assistant (A&S)

  • Chris Acker, Geography


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