April 24, 2018 at 12:12 pm

Fall 2018 | Food Studies Adds New Course in Brewing

Jackie O's owner Art Oestrike gives visitors a tour at Jackie O's brewery.

Jackie O’s owner Art Oestrike gives visitors a tour at Jackie O’s brewery.

The Food Studies theme announces a new course: CAS 4413/5413 The Art of Craft Brewing: An Athens Case Study.

The course will be taught by Art Oestrike, the founder and owner of Jackie O’s Brewery and an Ohio University alum who earned a B.A. in Russian and an M.A. in Linguistics from the College of Arts & Sciences.

The Food Studies faculty recognizes the important role that small-scale brewing plays in the local food economy of Athens and wanted to be able to bring this experience into the classroom. Oestrike will focus on the basics of starting a brewery and taproom in the context of Athens, Ohio. This course is designed to encompass all aspects of the brewing experience, from understanding the history of the craft to creating the best possible product.

“Students will learn about how the elemental aspects of place, local traditions, fruit and indigenous yeasts are expressed in Athens’ beer-making. Students will learn how the craft brewery movement here demonstrates a return to one of humanity’s earliest technologies, fermentation, and how liquid bread can become a catalyst for community economic development. Beer-making in Athens engages students with the idea that passion for creating a new product, rather than a major in any one academic discipline, can take anyone to success.”

This course is on a permission-based enrollment. If interested, contact Oestrike at

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