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March 23, 2018 at 10:45 am

Gilbert Receives Donald Clippinger Graduate Fellowship

Anthony Gilbert, portrait

Anthony Gilbert

Biological Sciences doctoral student Anthony Gilbert received the 2018-19 Donald Clippinger Graduate Fellowship from Ohio University.

“Your project, ‘Evolutionary Responses to Global Climate Change in Desert Reptiles,’ affirms the excellence in research and creative activity currently underway at Ohio University,” said Dr. David Koonce, Associate Dean of the Graduate College.

The fellowship includes a$15,000 stipend and a full tuition scholarship.

Gilbert’s adviser is Dr. Donald Miles, Professor of Biological Sciences.

“Anthony is well deserving of this very competitive and prestigious award,” says Dr. Robert Colvin, Professor and Chair of Biological Sciences. “We are proud that one of our graduate students was awarded the fellowship. This will allow Anthony to dig even deeper into his study of the effects of climate change. This also reflects the quality mentoring that Anthony is receiving from his adviser – Dr. Don Miles.”

Anthony Gilbert at the Chiricahua mountains in Arizona.

Anthony Gilbert at the Chiricahua mountains in Arizona.

Gilbert and Miles published an article that provides a critical study for those interested in climate change and the effects of climate change on species and ecosystems across the globe.

They authored “Natural selection on thermal preference, critical thermal maxima and locomotor performance” in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

“Our study details the first ever published evidence of natural selection on thermal preference, where lizards that preferred warmer body temperatures had a survival advantage after the reproductive season,” says Gilbert.

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