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February 8, 2018 at 2:53 pm

Yoong Publishes Two Poems in ‘The Underground’

Regina Yui Jien Yoong, portrait

Regina Yui Jien Yoong


Regina Yoong, a doctoral student in English literature, has recently published two poems with The Underground, a New York-based literary journal.

Yoong’s poems, “Hydrangea” and “Brother Riley Takes a Bow,” appear in the 15th issue of The Underground. The bi-annual journal describes itself as “a literary bazaar” that “is not tied down to one theme, one voice, one genre.”

Journal cover, table of contents

The Underground, Issue 15

Yoong, who plans to write her dissertation about the poetry of Emily Dickinson, is particularly interested in poems that consider the different meanings of the word “truth.”

Copies of the issue in which Yoong’s poems appear can be ordered by emailing The Underground editors at

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