February 8, 2018 at 8:29 am

McCrary Publishes Essay, ‘Becoming Bodies,’ in The Rumpus

Micah McCrary, portrait

Micah McCrary

Micah McCrary, a doctoral candidate in creative writing, has recently published an essay in The Rumpus, an online journal that features original poetry, essays, reviews, comics, and interviews.

McCrary’s essay, “Becoming Bodies,” chronicles the writer’s long romance with a woman he met in high school. Together, they explore the challenges presented by youth, self-harm, distance, and growing apart.

“I knew of no other way than writing to leave an impression of love that I thought would last. Writing outlives memory, after all, and I hoped through use of the written word that even if I couldn’t save us, I could still preserve us. I hoped that, even if physical presence might fail, words could find a way to soften the blows we discreetly gave ourselves,” McCrary writes.

Micah McCrary is the author of Island in the City (forthcoming from the University of Nebraska) and a contributor to the Los Angeles Review of Books. His work has also appeared in Essay Daily, Brevity, Third Coast, Midwestern Gothic, and elsewhere.

McCrary co-edits con•text, is an assistant editor at Hotel Amerika, and a contributing editor at Assay: A Journal of Nonfiction Studies.


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