February 23, 2018 at 1:46 pm

Food Matters Student Club Enjoys Sharing Food Together

Food Matters at Ohio University, logo with green pattern

“Sharing food together is one of the core initiatives of the group, as it helps to keep us grounded and reminded of the reasons we are doing so much work to educate the student body on the food system,” says Joy Kostansek, president of the student organization called Food Matters at Ohio University.

“We want everyone to see how vibrant and accessible healthy and homemade food can be!” she adds.

The students recently held another potluck, one of the group’s favorite events to host, bringing together students and community members to share a vibrant and homemade meal.

Dishes at Food Matters potluck, displayed on a table.

Dishes at Food Matters potluck.


The potluck was held at Kostansek’s home, and dishes provided included rice, quinoa, curried sweet potatoes, salad, a vegetable tray, vegan garlic bread, gingered fruit salad, chips and salsa, and two types of cookies. Members also shared upcoming events that the club is hosting, including:

If you are interested in any of these events or joining Food Matters, please email Kostansek at


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