November 28, 2017 at 9:20 am

Thompson Proposes Green Roof Project for Academic Accelerator

Dr. Kim Thompson, photo taken in outdoor setting

Dr. Kim Thompson

The Office of Instructional Innovation’s Ideation Event on Oct. 20 sparked new ideas for teaching and learning that could be implemented across OHIO.

After in-depth discussion and guidance between attendees and Advisory Group members, these ideas were transformed into formal proposals to receive support through the Academic Innovation Accelerator.

Among the proposals is one from Dr. Kim Thompson, Lecturer in Environmental & Plant Biology, for a green roof project.

“A green roof project will serve as a model to assess and increase scientific literacy and student engagement in the sustainability and climate action goals of Ohio University. Green roof systems use plants to offer many environmental and community benefits, including reduced UV damage, urban cooling, reduced stormwater runoff, increased biodiversity, and enhanced wellness through exposure to natural environments. The variety of green roof benefits supports the utility of the project for students and faculty in multiple physical, natural, and social science disciplines, making it an ideal demonstration project,” according to the proposal.

“Collecting and analyzing data on water runoff, air quality, temperature (heating offsets), plant growth, pollinator visits, carbon sequestration and the benefits of horticulture therapy will offer a variety of opportunities to engage students. These experiences can support discussions of policy, environment, food security, and scientific literacy.”


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