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November 3, 2017 at 7:28 pm

Arts & Sciences Celebrates 37 Notable Alumni

President M. Duane Nellis, Ruthie Nellis, David Wolfort and Barbara Wolfort. Shown in a group photo..

President M. Duane Nellis, Ruthie Nellis, David Wolfort and Barbara Wolfort.

The College of Arts & Sciences launched the Notable Alumni Awards on Oct. 27, honoring 37 alumni for broad accomplishments in their careers, a commitment to community service, and valuable contributions to Ohio University, the College of Arts & Sciences, and its students.

Thirty alumni came back to Athens for the inaugural Notable Alumni Awards dinner, which also recognized former recipients of the college’s Distinguished Alumni Award as founding members of the Notable honor roll. The room was packed, and it was a privilege for Ohio University President M. Duane Nellis and College of Arts & Sciences Dean Robert Frank to personally honor those who were able to attend the event.

2017 Notable alumni at award ceremony, shown as a group

2017 Notable alumni at award ceremony

“Because my educational background is rooted in Arts & Sciences, I understand the value of a strong core curriculum that helps develop our students into well-rounded individuals with robust critical thinking skills,” Nellis said. “Now, more than ever, these values are critical to the future of our society and of the sustainability of higher education. I am proud of these alumni who have shown that they are leaders in their industries and continue to create a legacy of excellence at Ohio University.”

Dean Robert Frank at the Notable Alumni Dinner.

Dean Robert Frank at the Notable Alumni Dinner.

Frank invited Notable Alumni to continue to engage with the college and its students.

“It is enormously satisfying to meet with so many notable alumni who have gone on to great success and are giving back to our current students. These individuals provide evidence for the extraordinary value of an Arts and Sciences education, and bolster my belief that our current students, with a little help from the Bobcat family, will follow similar paths to successful, productive lives,” said Frank.

Steve Ellis, Marc Kantrowitz and Justin McCaulley

Steve Ellis, Marc Kantrowitz and Justin McCaulley

During the program, Lisa Cohen, the college’s Director of External Relations, shared highlights from each alum’s distinguished accomplishments, as well as examples of the many ways they are connected with Ohio University, the college and its students. Examples include helping to find internships, recruiting for jobs, offering experiential learning opportunities, speaking as guest lecturers, participating in career readiness panels, and more. “Ohio University promises a transformational education experience. That would not be possible without engaged alumni.” she said.

“Yesterday at the Notable Alumni Award event, I was reminded why I love being a Bobcat. Having the opportunity to connect with so many wonderful alumni and learn about the ways we’re impacting the world was just the energy I needed to close out the year!” said Bryson Rose, a social justice practitioner, community organizer, diversity and inclusion trainer, and public thought leader based in New York City. “Thank you for hosting such a wonderful event and I look forward to staying connected and supporting the College of Arts & Sciences moving forward.”

Packed room at 2017 dinner

“Being selected as a Notable Alum for the College of Arts & Sciences has been a truly humbling and amazing experience,” says Kelly Wesolosky, B.A. 2002 Economics and Spanish. “My years at Ohio University created the vital foundation necessary to prepare me for success in my professional and overall success in life’s ongoing changes and challenges. The welcoming, positive ambiance of the university and surrounding Athens Community continues to emulate a culture of innovation that is infectious to all who visit. I look forward to continuing my relationships with the university and connecting with current and future students.”

“I was honored to be recognized as one of the first Notable Alumni. Though I had been back to campus several times since graduating, this trip was different because it took me back to the very start of my career and to the core of my professional interests. What happened surprised me. By looking back for a moment, I came away inspired and renewed for the work that I do,” said John Maximuk ’92 Geography.

“Hearing the accomplishments of fellow alumni was humbling and inspiring. I came away renewed for the next steps in my work and personal journey. For the first time in quite a while, I remembered how lucky I was to find Ohio University,” Maximuk added.

“Being selected as one of the inaugural notable alumni was an incredible honor,” said Jacob Robertson, B.S. 2013 Math Prep for Actuarial Science. “It was great to see firsthand the incredible accomplishments of the other attendees and their relentless commitment to give back to Ohio University. While I was thrilled to celebrate what we’ve done to further the College of Arts & Sciences, it’s even more inspiring and encouraging to realize the passion and commitment of these alumni to help in the future.”

2017 Notable Alumni

  • Mark Howard Allenbaugh, M.A. 1995 in Philosophy
  • Dr. Stuart C. Blersch, A.B. 1967, M.A. 1968 in English, Ph.D. 1975 in English
  • Mitchell Brourman, M.S. 1994 in Geology
  • Dr. Carolee T. Bull, B.S. 1985 in Plant Biology
  • Edward C. Chow, A.B. 1971 in Economics, MAIA 1972 in Southeast Asia Studies
  • Richard L. Clayton, BBA in Business Administration 1973, MA 1974
  • Dr. Anca P. Constantin, Ph.D. 2004 in Physics
  • Dr. Costel Constantin, M.S. 2003 in Physics, Ph.D. 2006 in Physics
  • Richard W. Couch, B.S. 1984 in Chemistry
  • Fanta Diamanka, M.A. 2007 in African Studies, Ph.D. 2013 in Cultural Studies, WGSS
  • Steven Louis Ellis, B.A. 1982 in Political Science, minor in Business
  • Dr. William P. Grabe, M.A. 1978 in Linguistics
  • Dr. Taylor S. Hagood, A.A. 1996, B.A. 1998 in English, M.A. 2000 in English
  • Ben F. Holt III, M.S. 1996 in Plant Biology
  • Dr. Elizabeth M. Kean, B.S. 1960 in Chemistry
  • Tracy M. Kelly, B.A. 2009 in History, Certificate in Women’s and Gender Studies, MPA 2013 in Public Administration
  • Dr. Michael Andrew Kukral, B.S. 1982 in Geography, M.A. 1986 in Political Science, M.S. 1987 in Environmental Studies
  • Lisa Marie Maatz, A.B. 1989 in Sociology and Political Science – Pre-Law, Women’s Studies Certificate
  • John Charles Maximuk, B.S. 1992 in Geography
  • Justin Robert McCaulley, B.A. 2001 in Political Science
  • Joshua Michael McConaughy, B.A. 2006 in Anthropology
  • John T. Moore, A.B. 1988 in Sociology
  • Dr. Gordon K. Murphy, A.B. 1961 in Biological Sciences
  • Dr. James A. Parr, A.B. 1959 in Spanish, M.A. 1961 in Spanish
  • Rachael Suzanne Peckham, Ph.D. 2009 in English
  • Elizabeth L. Pepper, B.A. 2003 in History
  • Pierce Jay Reed, Esq., A.B. 1986 in Psychology
  • Jacob Matthew Robertson, B.S. 2013 in Math Prep for Actuarial Science
  • Bryson William-Allen Rose, B.A. 2009 in African American Studies
  • David A. Snow, B.A. 1966 in Sociology
  • Dr. Dustin E. Starkey, B.S. 1998 in Forensic Chemistry
  • John E. Stember, Esq., A.B. 1972 Honors College, Cutler Fellow
  • Zachary Lee TidabackEsq., B.A. 2007 in Philosophy
  • Dr. Ivan M. Tribe, BSEd. in 1962 in History, M.A. 1967 in History
  • Kyle Triplett, B.A. 2012 in Political Science
  • R. Clarke VanDervort, A.B. 1975 in Classical Language and Literature
  • Kelly Kochamba Wesolosky, B.A. 2002 in Economics, Spanish

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