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March 12, 2018 at 3:45 pm

Career Impact: Alumni Expand Possibilities for Students through Networking

Students visit with alumni, corporate and non-profit recruiters.

Students visit with a recent Arts & Sciences graduate from LegalShield, corporate and non-profit recruiters.

Inexperience plain on their faces and business cards in hand, students entered the Baker Ballroom in search of a conversation, a lead, some words of advice about careers or their resume.

Students went away with suggestions scrawled on their resumes, follow-up notes jotted on the backs of business cards, possibilities imprinted on their psyches, and new ideas about what it means to be a part of the Bobcat alumni network.

More than 200 College of Arts & Sciences students and 80 alumni networked, talked about career opportunities, and met each other for the first time, but likely not the last, at the college’s second annual Career & Networking Reception on Feb. 1.

On one side of the ballroom, small groups of students and alumni practiced networking and talked about the multitude of career paths open to Arts & Sciences majors.

On the other, alumni and recruiters came to meet students with the broad liberal arts background and problem-solving skills they need at their corporate and non-profit organizations.

Students visit recruiting tables and resume review.

Students meet with forensic chemistry alum Michael Moehring, left, from Gotion, while others get their resumes reviewed by Arts & Sciences alumni.

One the the reception’s highlights was a resume review service, where students worked closely with alumni to improve and reorganize their job application materials. Alumni helped students bolster their resumes, specifically coaching them on how to make their unique skill sets and experiences shine on paper and catch a potential employer’s eye.

“A steady line of students benefited from interactions with distinguished alumni like David Wolfort ’74, CEO of Olympic Steel and former Chair of OHIO University Board of Trustees,” said Lisa S. Cohen, Director of External Relations for the College of Arts & Sciences. “It was an extraordinary opportunity for students to learn from alumni like Lisa Maatz ’89, a well-connected policy adviser in D.C., and information technology guru David P. Levy ’78, and many more with such a wealth of experience.”

Alumni, corporations and non-profits also were able to set up tables prior to the reception to talk about internship and career opportunities. Cohen contacted each company that attended the networking event, and each said they would like to participate again at next year’s reception.

“I talked to a lot of students many of whom seemed to have some genuine interest in what my company does,” said forensic chemistry alum Michael Moehring ’10, who came to recruit students for Gotion, a fast-growing company that aims to innovate in the electric vehicle technology, including lithium batteries and related systems.

“For next year’s reception, the College of Arts & Sciences and the Career and Leadership Development Center hope to bring in even more students, alumni and friends of the college to network together,” said Dr. Robert Frank, Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences.

Students and alumni network in the ballroom.

Students, alumni and faculty network in the ballroom.

Career & Networking Week—Just for Arts & Sciences

In addition to the networking reception, the College of Arts & Sciences and the university’s Career and Leadership Development Center hosted a weeklong series of opportunities ranging from LinkedIn training to a student internship panel to how to use the center’s job search system.

Nearly 600 students, alumni, faculty, staff and friends of the college attended various events, with more than 20 percent attending two or more events.

“We are extremely proud of the students who are showing up and developing their professional skills. The students are doing the work…. The Career and Leadership Development Center and College of Arts & Sciences are just providing the venue and connections,” said Kacey Schaum, Assistant Director of the Career & Leadership Development Center, who brought the idea for a career week designed just for Arts & Sciences students to OHIO.

A student talks with a representative from the Wayne National Forest.

A student talks with alum Dawn McCarthy from the Wayne National Forest about summer internships.

Save the Date: Jan. 31, 2019

“Last year was our first networking reception,” Cohen says. “I’m so excited to report that this will be an annual event going forward. The networking reception gained a great deal of traction and momentum. We’re thrilled that this annual event is bringing together students and alumni in such meaningful ways.”

“We have the third annual Student-Alumni Networking Reception already on the books for Jan. 31, 2019,” she added.

“The week is a great opportunity for students to enhance their career development. All A&S students should take full advantage of the numerous options throughout the week next year,” said Imants Jaunarajs, Assistant Dean of Students for the Career and Leadership Development Center.

For more information about a variety of ways alumni can help students, contact Cohen at

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