September 26, 2017 at 10:22 am

Economics Student Finds Summer Internship at Career Fair

Economics senior Dillon O’Meara ’17 found his summer internship through a company he met at the spring Career and Internship Fair.

Dillon O'Meara

Dillon O’Meara ’17

“Last spring I was getting ready for the career fair, and I received an email about what companies were coming to the career fair. Through CareerLink, I posted my resume and looked at the companies that were coming. I was able to narrow it down to about three or four businesses that I wanted to pursue that had sales internships. Through CareerLink and the career fair, I met who I worked with last summer,” he says.

“When I got to the fair I met with Bearing Distributors Inc. (BDI), and I felt pretty comfortable with them. They said to come back the following day for an interview and I met with them the next day and felt very confident. Through a few more Skype and phone interviews, I got the position as a sales intern for the summer.”

BDI sells manufacturing goods, with headquarters in Cleveland.

“However, my internship was at the three branches the company has in Connecticut,” says O’Meara, who is from Connecticut. “I was able to stay home and work at those branches, which was nice because I was the only one who didn’t have to live in a hotel during the internship.”

O’Meara says he wants to go into sales when he graduates in December, and he says his internship helped prepare him.

His advice to other students who had internships?

“Definitely, keep in touch with the people who hired you. I’ve been in touch with the woman who hired me for the internship, and I’m possibly meeting with her at the Career and Internship Fair.”

O’Meara advises others to “start early and try to get [an internship] after your sophomore year. It’s nice to have experience under your belt because even if you’re not going to work for the place where you have the internship, other companies like to see that you’ve had that experience.”

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