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March 5, 2021 at 3:12 pm

Interested in Solving Real-World Problems? Try a 1-Year Master’s in Economics

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Seniors majoring in STEM or social sciences—and interested in solving real-world problems—might be interested in pursuing a master’s degree in economics.

“This one-year master’s program can provide students with rigorous quantitative and analytical skills that are highly sought after by employers,” says Dr. Roberto Duncan, associate professor of Economics and graduate chair of the M.A. in Economics at Ohio University.

Economists get jobs in a wide range of careers, including business, government, marketing, banking, journalism, non-profits and more.

Dr. Roberto Duncan

Dr. Roberto Duncan

“The M.A. in economics program also is ideal for bachelors in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Many scientists, engineers, and applied mathematicians share the same essential objective with economists: solve real-world problems. Moreover, economics is a good complement to those professionals because at some point in their careers, as they ascend through the professional ladder, there will be a greater exposure or need to manage funds and other resources. In addition, you can take specific courses to tailor your training in quantitative and analytical skills,” Duncan says.

Funding opportunities are available on a competitive basis, he adds.

Benefits of the M.A. in Economics:

  • Courses focus on advanced quantitative methods (ranging from panel data models and difference-in-difference to the synthetic control method and forecasting techniques) using large databases in R and Stata.
  • The one-year program with small class sizes allows students to work closely with each other and with faculty.
  • Faculty provide advice and support to students applying to job positions, Ph.D. programs, and internships.
  • For international students, the M.A. in Economics program qualifies as an Optional Practical Training Extension for STEM Students (STEM OPT).

“If you wish to work as a data or research analyst in economics, the M.A. program would be very useful for you. The program provides students with a broad exposure to the modern methods that can be applied to analyze data, forecast variables, and evaluate policies from an economic perspective. You can work on research topics of your preference and explore them in depth using up-to-date quantitative tools. You will have the opportunity to apply statistical methods via the development of research projects in different courses. This would be useful to raise your competitiveness in the job market,” Duncan says.

“If you wish to pursue a doctoral degree in economics or related areas (finance, public policy, development), the M.A. program will provide training that seeks to increase your chances of both admission and success in a quality Ph.D. program.”

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