August 1, 2017 at 7:00 pm

See the Solar Eclipse in Athens, Aug. 21

Ohio University students use special shades to view the partial transit of Venus in 2012 Photo: Maryanne Hartwick

Join the Ohio Valley Museum of Discovery, the Athens County Public Libraries, and Ohio University Physics & Astronomy Department to view the solar eclipse on Aug. 21, from 1 to 4 the Athens Public Library Branch, 30 Home St., in Athens.

Although Athens is not in the path of total eclipse, viewers here should be able to get a good view of this rare phenomenon, weather permitting. Educational activities, safe eclipse viewing procedures, and experts on hand to explain what folks observe.  See the Facebook event for the event.

Join Ohio University astronomer Dr. Doug Clowe, Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy, for “View the Solar Eclipse.”

Eye-protecting viewing shades will be provided, as well as other tools to view the eclipse, including two solar-viewing telescopes.

“During the afternoon in Athens, viewers should expect to see the amount of light coming from the sun similar to a heavily overcast sky. The moon will block 88 percent of the sun at maximum at around 2:30 that afternoon,” says Clowe. “In other parts of the country in the path of totality where the moon fully covers the Sun, people will experience daylight turning into dusk for about two minutes.”

Even with the sun 88 percent covered, looking directly at the sun can still damage a person’s eyes, unless he or she is wearing specially designed shades that block 99.9999 percent of the light from ultra-violet through infrared light. Clowe will provide these free eclipse shades at the event.

Clowe recommends that those who are unable to attend the solar eclipse event but would like to purchase eclipse eye protection can purchase them from a reputable company listed by the American Astronomical Society.

“In addition to providing eclipse shades, we’ll have two special telescopes to look at the sun safely. Weather permitted it is going be a great and memorable day!” Clowe says.



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