May 14, 2017 at 9:31 pm

Physics Graduate Gets NQPI Outstanding Dissertation Award

Andrada Mandru

Andrada Mandru

The Nanoscale & Quantum Phenomena Institute announces Andrada-Oana Mandru as the recipient of the 2016 NQPI Outstanding Dissertation Award.

This honor recognizes her quality research, presentations, multiple publications and numerous awards. Mandru received a Ph.D. in Physics & Astronomy in 2016.

Her dissertation was titled “Ferromagnetic Thin and Ultra-Thin Film Alloys of Manganese and Iron with Gallium and Their Structural, Electronic, and Magnetic Properties.” Mandru’s thesis work used Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE) to build atomic layers of various magnetic materials. Mandru, a student of Physics & Astronomy Professor and NQPI member Dr. Arthur Smith, will receive a $500 prize for the Dissertation Award.

Mandru is the fifth winner of this annual award. Previous winners were Ginetom Diniz, Andrew DiLullo, Zhiyuan Fan, and last year’s winner Mahmoud Asmar.

In 2015, Mandru was awarded the American Vacuum Society’s Russell and Sigurd Varian Award and Leo M. Falicov Award.

David Ingram, Physics and Astronomy department chair and NQPI member said, “Andrada was a model student in all departmental activities.” He said he found her thesis to be “of the highest level, both in terms of clarity and content.”

When asked about receiving the award, Mandru said, “I was really happy to hear that I received the award! I am also happy to see that hard work pays off in the end.”

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