May 12, 2017 at 4:26 pm

Foster Wins Provost Award for Excellence in Teaching

Dr. Jodie Foster

Dr. Jodie Foster

Dr. Jodie Foster, Lecturer in Biological Sciences, was named the winner of the Provost Award for Excellence in Teaching for 2017-20.

Foster teaches courses on human anatomy and physiology and topics in biological science for non-majors.

The other finalists for the award were Rebecca Code (Biomedical Sciences), Pamela Kaylor (Communications-Lancaster), and Lea Sheridan (Biomedical Sciences).

The Provost Award for Excellence in Teaching is presented to a full-time Group II faculty member from one of OHIO’s campuses. The award was first presented in 2016.

She will hold the title for three years, and receive $1,000 each year. The selection committees for the award reviewed portfolios, visited classrooms, and conducted interviews of the finalists and their department chairs or school directors. The criteria include excellence in teaching and meritorious academic pursuits, both inside and outside the classroom.

Each winner and finalist will receive recognition and an award plaque during the fall semester.

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