April 17, 2019 at 3:48 pm

Foster, Miller Awarded Excellence in Teaching Award

The National Society of Leadership and Success Ohio Chapter awarded two Biological Sciences faculty—Stephanie Miller and Jodie Foster—with the Excellence in Teaching Award.

The awards were presented at the annual induction ceremony held April 15 at Baker Center Theater at Ohio University.

Stephanie Miller, portrait

Stephanie Miller

Miller has been teaching microbiology for non-majors since 2005 and has been part of the Biological Sciences Department since 2010. Her commitment to student engagement and success keeps her innovative in the classroom, and she has been working on novel teaching activities since her work at Ohio State University as a Graduate Teaching Assistant. She completed her M.S. degree in Entomology with a research emphasis on entomopathogenic nematodes and other microbial biological control agents of insect pests and studied science education. She also co-directs STEMstart.

Dr. Jodie Foster, in lab, with skeleton and white coat

Jodie Foster, Provost Award for Excellence in Teaching for 2017 and designer of the Anatomy Learning Center.

Foster has 10 years teaching experience teaching in Biological Sciences. Current and/or future teaching assignments are in BIOS 3010, 3015, and 4135 (Human Anatomy, Human Anatomy Lab, Human Neuroanatomy lab, respectively). Over the past 10 years she has taught and coordinated the BIOS 1300 and 1310 series (non-majors anatomy and physiology; especially taken by nursing and other CHSP majors). Foster developed the Anatomy Learning Center in Irvine and prepares all prosection work in anatomy.

She recently was recognized in University Communications and Marketing’s “Profiles in Faculty Achievement” video series and is the recipient of the provost’s award for excellence in teaching 2017-18.

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