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History Announces 2016-17 Scholarships, Grants, and Essay Competition Winners

The History Department is pleased to announce the 2016-17 winners of the department’s scholarship, research grant, and essay competitions.

College of Arts & Sciences Department of History artwork with civil war cannonWhile many of these awards are designated for History majors, several of them are available to all OHIO undergraduate students. The department offers an array of annual scholarships and grants that range in amount from $500 to $7,500, all of which are awarded on the basis of competitive applications.


The following students received scholarships:

  • Francisco Cintron received the John and Alexander Preston Scholarship.
  • Michael Gerber received the Wilmer C. Harris Scholarship
  • Sierra Goings received Arthur J. and Kathleen A .Marinelli Scholarship
  • Michael Mangan received the Anthony Holland Churchville Memorial Scholarship
  • Madeline Nielsen received the Frederick H. Boston & Roger and Katherine Feinthel Scholarships
  • Precious Oluwasanya received the Wilmer C. Harris Scholarship.
  • Nicolas Paredes received the Jean Finsterwald Sprague Scholarship.
  • Falkyn Roth received the Carl Gustavson Scholarship.
  • Luke Skinner received the Elizabeth Grover Beatty Scholarship.

Philip Bebb Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was created to help enable undergraduate history majors to study in Italy. It is made possible through donations offered in memory of Dr. Philip Bebb, long-time professor of Renaissance/Reformation history at Ohio University, who had a deep scholarly and personal affection for Italy.

In the fall, the department awarded Bebb scholarships to Francisco Cintron, Anthony Negrini, and Grace Zaher. These students used their Bebb funds to enroll in HIST 4536 Eternal Rome: Power and Piety, a spring course centered around a study-trip to Rome over the spring break.

This spring, the department awarded Bebb scholarships to Megan Miller and Madeline Nielsen to fund summer study-abroad programs in Florence, Italy.

Boston Research Fellowships

The Boston Fellowship seeks to promote educational opportunities for History majors from underrepresented areas in Ohio. The fellowship funds research, conference travel, and other skills training opportunities. It is made possible by a very generous, posthumous donation of Frederick H Boston.

This year, the department awarded Boston fellowships to  Francisco Cintron, Michael GerberKristin Osborne, and Brian Stringer for research-based travel this spring and summer. Further Boston funding was awarded to Megan Miller and Madeline Nielsen to support Italian language study in Florence this summer.

Harvey Research Fellowship

The Harvey Fellowship supports undergraduate research and academic related activities. It is made possible through a generous endowment by Ohio University Professor Emeritus of History Richard Harvey and his wife, Karen.

This year, the department awarded Harvey fellowships to the following students:

  • Francisco Cintron will first conduct research on Visigothic history in the Biblioteca Nacional in Madrid, Spain. He will then participate in an intensive seminar on the beginning of Islamic Spain in Cordoba, Spain.
  • Michael Gerber will read French prmary school textbooks from the Vichy era in the National Archives of France in Paris.
  • Kirstin Osborne will return to Edinburgh, where she studied abroad, to immerse herself in the history and preservation of its monuments as part of the senior thesis project.

Randolph Stone Essay Competition Winners

This competition is meant to recognize the best undergraduate term papers on historical topics, and is open to all OHIO students.

This year, the Randolph Stone Essay committee identified three research-based papers as truly outstanding. Each was scored within two-tenths of a point of one another. Due to the quality of these three essays, the committee decided to grant three awards this year, all of equal value:

  • Jason Koberg (receiving this prize of $150) for his essay, “American Radicalism in the Early Twentieth Century: A. Mitchell Palmer, the IWW, and Political Repression.”
  • Heather Sabruno (receiving a prize of $150) for her essay, “Women in Nazi Germany: The Roles and Motivations of Female Enablers and Perpetrators.”
  • Michael Mangan (receiving a prize of $150) for his essay, “Crime and Protestantism: Tale of Murder in Seventeenth-Century London.”

Eckes Prize for Outstanding Graduating Senior

The Eckes Prize in History is a cash prize of $5000, awarded to the graduating senior History major with the highest overall GPA. It was established by Emeritus Professor Al Eckes to recognize superior academic achievement among history majors.

The 2017 Eckes Prize recipient is Grace Konyar.

About the History Department

The History Department features a diverse array of programs, course offerings, and faculty research areas, as well as a number of scholarship and grant opportunities. For more on the History Department, visit the department website or contact Dr. Michele Clouse, Director of Undergraduate Studies at the History Department.

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