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January 2, 2017 at 11:53 am

Jane Lee Belden ’43, Biology Alum, Passes

Ohio University alum Jane Lee Belden died Dec. 26, reports the Oceana Herald Journal.

 Belden earned a B.S. from the College of Arts & Sciences in 1943.

Jane was an excellent study, excelling in her classwork as well as athletic pursuits. She achieved notoriety at Beavercreek High School for both. She was active as a thespian, usually cast in the lead role. She attended Ohio University as a biology major, graduating Phi Beta Kappa. Afterward, she worked at a laboratory at the University of Cincinnati, assisting Dr. Albert Sabin in developing an oral vaccine for polio.  It was there she met John Vrbanac, a medical student. They married in 1944 and began their family prior to settling in Hart, Mich. where Dr. Vrbanac set up his practice.

Once becoming established in Hart, the family expanded to six very active children. Jane, John and the kids occupied a rambling farmhouse with 60 acres to roam, horses to ride and a pond to cool off in. Jane kept the family in good order, doling out chores to each of her children regularly, making bread for the family every week and providing delicious meals that were ravenously consumed. She was a gracious host to the many people who attended parties and picnics at “The Farm” as it became affectionately known.  She was a 4-H leader, taught riding lessons, was active in the hospital auxiliary, and involved with the Congregational Church, serving as a Sunday School teacher. Jane earned her teaching certificate and taught grade school in Muskegon. Though she relocated to Muskegon, she maintained close friendships from her years in Hart.

Foremost in Jane’s life was her devotion to God. She was a pillar in her church community wherever she lived, spending much time in prayer groups. She authored several inspirational books which she freely shared. Over the past year she was still teaching a small group of regulars from one of her works.

Read more in her obituary in the Oceana Herald Journal.


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  1. LIONEL bORKAN says:

    AM a graduate of OU 1946

    was a great experience just after WWII
    It got me back on track

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