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December 30, 2019 at 3:25 pm

OHIO Today: Zammataro Honored for Decades of Mentorship

Frank Zammataro, portrait

Ohio University graduate Frank Zammataro, BS’63, speaks at the College of Business’ Select Leader Annual Alumni Day after being surprised with the first-ever Walter Leadership Center Leadership Legacy Award. Photo by Jenna Hyman/Robert D. Walter Center for Strategic Leadership

OHIO Today writes about Ohio University alumnus Frank Zammataro in a story headlined “Alumnus honored for decades of mentorship inspired by Alden, Rollins and Ohio Fellows.”

In October, Zammataro received the first-ever Select Leaders Robert D. Walter Leadership Legacy Award from the Ohio University Business Fellows.

Frank Zammataro, BS ’63, spent more than seven years at Ohio University, eventually earning a degree in biological sciences. But it was a gig he landed on campus in 1962 as the University was welcoming its 15th president that steered Zammataro to a successful career in business and inspired him to dedicate the past 25 years to serving the Ohio University students of today.

“When I look back at my life, every time it seemed like I was hitting a wall somewhere, somebody would step up and turn me around and turn me in a different direction,” Zammataro said.

When Zammataro was at OHIO, those somebodies were President Emeritus Vernon R. Alden and one of Alden’s former Harvard University colleagues, J. Leslie Rollins.

Read the rest of the story at OHIO Today.

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