November 29, 2016 at 10:07 am

Food Studies | Students Learn about Sustainable Thanksgiving Dishes

The Office of Sustainability hosted a gathering of students and faculty on Nov. 1 for a sustainable Thanksgiving dinner. The event gathered people from across colleges to learn about more sustainable holiday possibilities, as well as to commune over the bounty of the university community’s own resources.

Food studies theme logoAnnie Laurie Cadmus, Director of the Office of Sustainability, orchestrated much of the produce for the dinner coming from the Plant Biology Learning Gardens through the Grover Market at Atrium Cafe hosted by the Food Studies theme.

“We decided to do the event this year after hearing, repeatedly, from students how difficult it is to learn about sustainable food systems while at Ohio University and then go home for a holiday meal that isn’t very sustainable,” Cadmus says. “They wanted a meal that was sustainable and where they felt comfortable talking about sustainability.

“Some students have expressed concern that it can be difficult to approach the topic of sustainable food with their families without insulting them,” she noted. “So, we figured that we could help them by giving them the tools to cook their own food. Then, they can offer to cook a dish or two when they get home and that gently opens the door to the discussion about how important sustainable food is.

“This was an educational experience just as much as it was a chance for us to break bread with peers in our community who shared similar passions,” Cadmus said. “The food from the Food Studies and PBIO Garden really made the meal extra special!  The pumpkin pie and the mashed potatoes were both incredibly rich and flavorful; qualities you only get from truly local, organic food. What a gift it is to have such an incredible resource right here on campus!”

Dr. Deborah Murray, Associate Professor in Nutrition and Dietetics, attended the dinner with one of her nutrition students.

“Annie did a superb job both in preparing much of the food as well as providing the guests with some valuable insights about sustainable food preparation prior to eating,” Murray said. “I was truly inspired and honored to break bread with a group of students who were obviously passionate about honoring and preserving the earth’s resources while enjoying an amazing bounty of local food.”

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