October 31, 2016 at 1:09 pm

Transfer Tip | Transferring Credits from Regional Campuses

By Kristi Conrad
Academic Advisor and Transfer Specialist

Kristi Conrad

Kristi Conrad

I receive a lot of questions regarding transferring to regional campuses or taking a course or two at a regional campus. Ohio University has campuses at several locations: Cambridge, Chillicothe, Eastern, Lancaster, Pickerington, Southern, Proctorville, and Zanesville.

Should you decide to take a course or courses at any regional campus, there is no need to worry about having credits transferred. These regional campuses are a part of Ohio University and their credits apply the same. They will show up on your DARS as any course that you would take on the Athens campus.

We are all one big Bobcat family so feel free to take the courses you need, at the campus that works best for you.

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