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October 31, 2016 at 3:40 pm

ABC6 Quotes Kiersey on Chillicothe as Presidential Predictor

Dr. Nicholas Kiersey, Associate Professor of Political Science at Ohio University’s Chillicothe Campus, was quoted in an ABC6 story on “Looking for a haven for moderates? Try Chillicothe.”

Most of the local politicians elected in Chillicothe are Democrats, but voters there typically send Republicans to Washington, DC. The Ross County Board of Elections said registered Republicans double the number of registered Democrats, but both parties are far outnumbered by independents.

Those qualities make Chillicothe a key swing area in a key swing state.

“Chillicothe frequently predicts outcomes within .5 of a percent,” said Nicholas Kiersey, a political science professor at the Ohio University Chillicothe campus. “It has a remarkable predictive capacity. That’s what makes Chillicothe special is its ability to be predictive in a state which is such a game changer.”

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