October 31, 2016 at 3:15 pm

Work That Matters: Volunteer and Service Career Fair

Ohio University’s Baker University Center hosted a career fair on October 12th. It is called Work That Matters: Non-Profit and Service Career Fair. It featured companies and nonprofit organizations aimed at acquiring volunteers as well as paid positions.

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This is a great opportunity for any arts & sciences majors.

Networking events such as this are highly important and are often a gateway to internships, careers, and more. Many of these companies are involved in communities first hand and work closely with children. Summer camps were featured in which you worked closely with children of all types, including those with disabilities.

There are also volunteer organizations that help the sick or elderly, such as those with Alzheimer’s. The Peace Corps was there as well and presented a unique opportunity after college for undergraduates. Almost like a military service, students are in the service for a number of years and receive benefits including some loan forgiveness.

What will strike many students about this fair are the variety of companies and organizations that are non-profit or volunteer. Many people think that there is no way to make a career in these types of work, however many people spend a lifetime and make good money doing it.

There were also religious opportunities such as the Appalachia Service Project, which works to improve living conditions for impoverished people.

Other stands were represented by the US Customs and Border Protection office. Of course this includes border patrol. Trade and travel also play a key role in this department. Working for the government is an exciting and hands-on experience that has a lot to teach students as they enter the work force.

Work that matters is only one of the many career and major fairs that Ohio University offers. It is a good idea for students to attend as many of these fairs as possible.

It will only help!

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