June 20, 2016 at 7:11 pm

Lein’s New Book Addresses ‘Futures Research and Environmental Sustainability’

Dr. James Lein

Dr. James Lein

Dr. James Lein, Professor of Geography at Ohio University, has a new book, Futures Research and Environmental Sustainability: Theory and Method, due out in December.

The new book:

  • Brings together material not previous integrated into a single work
  • Offers a detailed and complete treatment of the subjects
  • Emphasizes useful information and methods that can be put to work
  • Synthesizes and compares multiple methods and discusses how each methodology manages uncertainty
  • Connects the core aspects of sustainability science: long-term thinking, uncertainty, embeddedness in society, and problem solving

Futures Research and Environmental Sustainability: Theory and Method book cover“This book explores the challenges of presenting sustainability as a more actionable or practical concept and identifying approaches that might offer useful assistance in addressing the temporal and spatial representation of sustainability,” continues the website. “The underlying premise of this book is that sustainability is a state realized in the future. In that future there is a geographic arrangement of society and economy that agrees with its environmental setting. This future perspective introduces a little examined subject area that can lend significant content to the sustainability challenge: Futures Research.”

Lein is a member of Ohio University’s Knowing the Future theme.

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