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June 27, 2016 at 11:29 am

Erin Grimes | Trying to Steer the Accelerator Beam Into the Air by Focusing It Through a Millimeter Hole

Erin Grimes

Erin Grimes

By Erin Grimes
(B.S. Physics and Applied Mathematics, Class of 2016)

During the summer 2015, I continued my internship with Dr. David Ingram in Physics & Astronomy building an ion beam optics model using Comsol multiphysics software.

The model is of a particular beam line in Edward’s Accelerator Lab, and the purpose of making the model is to find a way to focus the ion beam down to a diameter less than a millimeter by optimizing the position and operation of the magnets on the beam line.

Whereas the previous summer I spent most of my time building the model and learning to use the software, I spent last summer testing particle trajectories for various magnet alignments on the beam line that might focus the ion beam.

Erin Grimes – 2015 Intern with Dr. David Ingram – senior at Ohio University – College of Arts & Sciences – physics and applied mathematics major

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