April 10, 2017 at 5:53 pm

Zachary Bernens | Fast Scaler BCM Califration for DVCS Experiment

Zachary Bernens

Zachary Bernens presented “Fast Scaler BCM Calibration for DVCS Experiment” at the 2017 Ohio University Society of Physics Students Research Conference held in March.

Understanding the internal structure of protons and neutrons is a gateway to under­stand the origin of the vast majority of ordinary matter. A tool commonly used toward this goal is to smash accelerated electrons and smash them onto protons and neutrons targets. In that context, a precise count of the number of electrons impinging on the targets is essential to quantify their interactions. During his internship with Dr. Julie Roche, Bernens analyzed data from a recently performed exper­iment, and estimated the number of electrons impinging on the target with a precision better than 1%.

“I learned general information about particle physics,” Bernens says. “For example the structure of the proton and neutron are made up of particles called quarks. These particles interact using the strong force. The particle used to transmit the strong force is known has the gluon. Also in particle collision experiments when the energy is increased the resolution increases allowing physicist to probe deep into the structure of particles. I met with my adviser twice a week sometimes more. We talked in general about particles physics, about the program I was working on to calibrate a detector and my analysis involving the charge measured in the detector’s cavities. Dr. Roche took extra time to help me understand my work and answer my questions about physics. I was able to visit a national lab and attend a conference where physicists where gave presentations on many different topics of physics.”

Zachary Bernens – Physics major, Class of 2017, College of Arts & Sciences


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