June 5, 2016 at 1:38 pm

English Department Graduate Students Launch Literary Journal

Parlour nameplate, with couch graphic

Three doctoral students in Ohio University’s English Department have launched a new online literary journal called Parlour: A Journal of Literary Criticism and Analysis.

Carrie Ann Knauss serves as the editor-in-chief, while Priya Gupta acts as the managing issue editor, and Josh Davis is the managing web editor.

Parlour is “dedicated to furthering and deepening conversations around literary criticism and analysis,” according to its website. The journal is open-access, allowing readers to access the issues free of charge. The aim of this open-access model is to foster discussion about scholarly topics among all readerships, regardless of economic background or financial status.

Parlour accepts submissions from scholars at any stage of their career, which is particularly appealing to young researchers who are making their first foray into the often-competitive world of scholarly publishing. The journal’s website states, “All are welcome to join in our mission to create a more vibrant and varied community of literary scholars.”

While Parlour is managed by Knauss, Gupta, and Davis, several other graduate students in the English Department serve as assistant editors. The editors have familiarized themselves with the assistant editors’ respective areas of specialization and assign submissions based on those specializations. Assistant editors read submissions and make detailed comments about each submission. These comments often include suggestions on how the author might improve the article and then submit an improved version to Parlour.

In January 2016, Parlour published its inaugural issue, titled “The Politics of Home.” The issue features a range of international scholars whose articles examine the writings of Charles Dickens, Toni Morrison, Salman Rushie, Helen Oyeyemi, and others.

Call for Papers—and Growl Posts

Parlour is currently accepting submissions for its second issue, which will examine different forms of literary feminism. According to the journal’s website, “The upcoming issue of Parlour will concentrate on women as producers and consumers of texts with an emphasis on counter-intuitive feminist interpretations. We invite submissions that explore a wide range of approaches to the issue’s theme and its attendant connotations of defiance, opposition, direct action, and rebellion.”

Submissions are due Aug. 1, 2016, and should consist of a 12- to 15-page essay and a biographical statement. In addition to essays, Parlour’s editors are interested in publishing Growl posts, along with video lectures and presentations on the theme of “Pushing Back: Feminist Readings as Resistance.”

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