February 24, 2016 at 9:20 am

A&S Spotlight | Freshman Says ‘Don’t Worry About What Anyone Else is Doing’

By Alicia Hopkins
eNEWS Editor

This week’ Spotlight is on Hadley Munro, an undecided freshman in the College of Arts & Sciences. If you would like to suggest someone for a future Spotlight, please email eNEWS Editor Alicia Hopkins (

What year are you? What are you studying?

I am a freshman and I am currently undecided, but plan to major in History.

Why did you choose this field of study?

Hadley Munro

Hadley Munro

I chose this field because I have always loved history, and wanted to further my knowledge in this area.

What drew you to Ohio University?

The first thing that drew me to [OHIO] was how beautiful the campus was. The fact that it was not too far from home was also appealing.

What have you learned during your freshman year at OHIO?

I learned that the most important thing to do in college is to improve yourself, and to not worry about what others are doing.

What has been your favorite experience at Ohio University so far?

My favorite experience was just being independent for the first time and meeting new people.

What is the most interesting class, or your favorite class, that you have taken so far? What makes the class stand out in your mind?

The most interesting class was probably my UC class with Mr. Price, because I was able to meet new friends. The class itself was also interesting, because sometimes we were able to just sit in the class and talk about our lives at school, and I don’t believe there is another class similar to that. My favorite class so far is probably my Mythology class, because I love Mythology and I am able to read books that I’ve always wanted to read.

Do you have a “bucket list” of things you want to do or places you want to go before you graduate? Have you crossed anything off of this list so far?

I do have a bucket list of places I wan to go before I graduate, but I haven’t crossed anything off yet. However, I do plan on traveling/studying abroad during my junior year.

What advice do you have for other students?

My advice for other students would be to not worry about what anyone else is doing.

If you could tell your pre-OHIO self one thing, what would it be?

If I coud tell my pre-OHIO self one thing, it would be not to worry too much about not knowing what I want to major in during freshman year.

What experiences have you had, or are you planning, in the following: internships, study abroad, clubs/organizations, volunteer work or service learning, and undergraduate research?

I am planning on having an internship, studying abroad and possibly joining a sorority.


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